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Since 2016, every October 13 has been regarded as the Global Fertilizer Day. It always reminds us how the important role fertilizer plays as the backbone of the agricultural industry and to feeding the world. Same year, Canadian Federal Corporation GLOCALFERT INC. open its doors and begin formulating business concept includes fertilizer supply and other related services to offer economical, professional and efficient solutions to serve North American clients and partners.
Our history back to 20 years ago, team started fertilizer business in China. We have been witnessing the growth on us, around us, for others. On the years’ experience of fertilizer production, trading, packing, domestics logistics, ocean freight etc. We have been reserving a lot to keep promote ourselves such as talent, resource, network and exploring passion.

Nowadays, GLOCALFERT feels proud of being one of the members in Fertilizer community to serve its local markets by wholesaling and distributing wide range of synthetic fertilizers for field crops, greenhouse crops, nurseries, turf, landscaping.

In 2022, the new division of GLOCALFERT in Netherlands has been successfully set up to serve European clients. It is a new adventure for us and we are ready on it. By learning and taking the spirit of European markets, we believe the bright future will be another great opportunity for us to achieve the progress.

GLOCALFERT foundation is based on our management team’s extensive knowledge and broad experience in agricultural industry, fertilizer production and supplying. Our staffs are highly trained professionals and they always believe that highly efficient, non-toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly fertilizer and the impressive services are the part of significant guarantees for high yield. ​

We understand when our clients succeed, we succeed. We also strongly feel that we cannot attain the growth and targeted market position without the support of our valued customers. Thinking about customer’s needs is our daily homework. We understand it is our obligation to behave honestly in business, openly communicate with our clients, employees and other stakeholders. We respect to our corporate stakeholders with full consideration when we make decisions or take actions that reflect the needs of others. We understand one of  the important ways that making us competitive is keeping offering the high-quality products to all the clients to meet their needs and achieve the win-win success.

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