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Farmer in Field

Custom Order Service

We call this service as solution to local growers who need large quantity fertilizer demand for their farm with specialized formulation for Granular Fertilizer or Liquid Fertilizer. We understand that some growers look for a unique formula blend to fit for their soil and nutrition needs. GLOCALFERT owns the ability to provide custom order service to help growers by offering directly delivering certain order quantity products. It is a way not only saves money for growers, but also builds long-term relationship between growers and us. We are pleasure to be with growers and directly make the fertilizer logistics from the qualified manufacturers to local growers.

Soil Sampling

Our team always believe good decision starts with good data. Especially good fertility and nutrient management data starts with testing good samples. GLOCALFERT works with Canadian leading labs to help local growers arrange the soil test. Our Field Service Technicians will be responsible to our customers obtain the professional and accurate data which can help our customers make the right decision.

Agronomist with Tablet
Checking the Crops

Plant Analysis

Another best way to improve the crops quality and increase the yield is Plant Analysis. It does assist growers diagnose and find out the problems on plants. The Plant Analysis comes with the accurate data report that identify the nutrition status of following elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Manganese, Iron, copper, Calcium, Zinc, chlorine, Sodium, Boron etc. For more questions, please contact our Field Service Technicians.

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